Different ways of working with sustainability

Sustainability is a current issue that can be woven into many work processes. There are many different things you can consider when choosing and ordering from your supplier. Here, we give some examples of how you can make sustainability an important factor. This applies to the choice of components as well as shipping methods and packaging.

Save on both the environment and costs


Reducing the environmental impact of your construction is not only a matter of sustainability but can often have a positive impact on the cost. It will be a win-win situation. Without much effort, it is possible to work for increased sustainability in several relatively simple ways when you design and purchase products for linear applications or aluminium systems. We have collected six tips to use in the design and purchasing phase.

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Think environmentally friendly when choosing belts for your belt conveyor


When designing your belt conveyor, the belt itself is an essential part that is often forgotten. We spoke to Sam, an application engineer who works daily with the construction and design of belt conveyors, about what environmentally friendly options to consider. It is often about thinking from the start, what are your real needs? Some belts are free of both phthalates and halogens to use when needed.

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Fast format changeovers and Lean's 7 unnecessary wastes


Lean is a well-known method for improving a business, reducing waste and, at the same time, creating value. The method is based on three principles, one of which, Muda, stands for waste or unnecessary work that does not create value. Much of this is obvious to most businesses and something everyone strives for, but how do you get there? In addition to changed working methods and continuous improvement work, many components and technical solutions can help you along the way. One of these is positioning systems.

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Transport, storage and local processing from a sustainability perspective


Choosing a supplier of linear solutions can be complicated. The supplier must be technically knowledgeable, that the products you are looking for have a reasonable delivery time and that the service level is high - but also how they work with sustainability issues. Sustainability is a broad concept that affects, for example, transport methods, storage, and processing. By cooperating with a supplier who works actively with sustainability issues, you can reduce the environmental impact when you buy products for linear applications.

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Packaging – an important part of your delivery


When you buy linear solutions, the delivery must reach you safely. To protect your delivery, packaging adapted to your order is required. Material, design, and cost are all essential aspects for your supplier to consider when choosing packaging. In addition, the supplier should work actively for an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative as possible.

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Pneumatic or electric cylinders?

Pneumatic input to robot handle in intelligence factory

Pneumatic cylinders are very common in industrial automation. Although pneumatic systems are often a sufficient solution, there are more sustainable alternatives, especially in economy and energy saving. They also have clear advantages regarding efficiency, safety and production quality.

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Test different aluminium profiles and fasteners yourself

If you want to test what fits together, you can order our free trial kit! It consists of three types of aluminium profiles and four different variants of fasteners. With them, you can tangibly try out which combinations are best for your construction.