Durable linear guide for packaging machines


A manufacturer of packaging machines wanted to reduce the number of suppliers of linear components. They put them all through a life-time test where the slider was made to run continuously until the point where it broke. Rollco's rail guides survived the longest, thanks to the steel reinforcement plates on the sliders.

Preferred partner for durable linear guides

About three years ago, a large manufacturer of packaging machines realized that they were using too many brands and suppliers for their miniature rail guides. They wanted to streamline and find a better structure among their suppliers. Hence, they chose to invite a number of suppliers, including Rollco, to take part in an evaluation where they tested how their linear guide products performed in terms of flexibility.

The packaging machine manufacturer built a test rig based on the needs and criteria they had for their machines. Next, the various suppliers' miniature rail guides were mounted on the rig for a forced test that would, among other things, test the endurance.

Challenging stress tests

The packaging machine manufacturer allowed the rail guide to continuously move back and forth with different loads. As time went on, they began to drop off one by one. Many times, it was the end caps of the slider that broke. In the slider, the balls go in a straight groove like a train along the rail. When the slider turns, the balls deflect and shoot back in the end gable of the slider. It is a fast and intense movement which causes a lot of wear on the slider. Rollco's rail guide sliders are supplied with reinforcement-plates of stainless steel on the end caps which make them more robust and allow higher speeds.

Worn recirculation system but fully functional

Our miniature rail guide continued to run and eventually the test was ended as none of the others remained. All the participants' linear guide sliders were then taken apart to inspect the interior and check what had broken. Even in our slider you could see that the recirculation was worn, but it was still fully functional. The test of our miniature rail guide resulted in Rollco today delivering 90 percent of all linear components to the machine manufacturer.

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