Are you thinking about which aluminium profiles and fasteners fit together? Order our sample kit and try it yourself!

Knowing which fasteners work best with a specific type of aluminium profile can sometimes be a bit of a headache. That's why we've produced a sample kit so you can test it yourself! You get three types of aluminium profiles and different variants of fasteners. You can then tangibly try out which combinations are best for your construction. Please note: Only companies can order the sample kit.

You get:

3 sample pieces of aluminium profiles:

  • Profile 40x40 (SP4000N)
  • Profile 40x40 2N 90° light (SP5530N)
  • Profile 40x40 semi (SP5050N)

6 different fasteners:

  • 1 pc Central fastener 40 SVL (SV1221V)
  • 1 pc Universal fastener (PV1015)
  • 1 pc Standard fastener set (PV1022)
  • 1 pc Automatic fastener 40 (PV1102)
  • 1 slot nut M8 (SV2102V)
  • 1 slot nut M6 (SV2001V)