A wide mix of applications for linear solutions

When mentioning linear motion products, it can be a variety of types, ranging from telescopic rails to linear units to belt conveyors. The number of possible application areas for these products is almost endless. With our recent blog posts on linear applications, we hope to spark ideas and inspiration.

Linear applications in cleanrooms


In cleanrooms, there is a controlled level of contamination. It places special demands on the included components. What do you need to consider when designing and selecting products for cleanroom applications? High friction is something you want to avoid as it generates unwanted particles that easily spread to the surroundings.

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Telescoping solutions in special vehicles

Fire engine

In special vehicles such as ambulances or fire engines, there is a need for extendable solutions to conveniently give emergency personnel access to their equipment. Telescopic rails are excellent solutions for these applications. Telescopic rails also help to optimize the ergonomics of drivers in other occupations, by adjusting seats, moving control panels and screens, etc.

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Warehouse and logistics automation - linear products

Warehouse automation

In line with rapidly growing e-commerce, the automation of warehouses and internal logistics has also received a major boost. This means, amongst other things, better utilization of existing surfaces, and less need for manual tasks. Linear components are found in many different applications and in a variety of forms. Linear units and telescopic rails are two examples of products that play an important part in warehouse automation.

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Efficient format changes at bottling plants 

Bottling plant

The need for format changeovers is found almost everywhere in a factory. Automated format changes improve efficiency in several ways. The actual process of the changeover is instantaneous. Once the system is set up correctly, the risk of errors occurring through manual adjustment is eliminated. The positioning system is a simple solution. The process in a bottling plant illustrates this well.

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The right conveyor belt for the right type of food

Conveyor belt with crackers

Belt conveyors of various types are almost always used in a production line. In the food industry, there are strict regulations for handling and hygiene. Everything that comes into direct contact with food must be approved for food production. It is important that you choose the right belt type for your belt conveyor. There is a vast selection of materials and surface properties to choose from. If your production handles frozen foods, you should e.g. consider choosing a TPU-coated belt that has high flexibility at low temperatures. And if you have a bakery with sticky products such as dough, a belt with good release properties is preferred.

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Simple components for tough applications

Machine C-Rail

How can a relatively simple solution such as a stainless steel c-rail and a slider with rollers be used to move doors in packaging machines or e.g. adjust components in filling and sealing machines? It does not have to be advanced at all. With a quite simple linear system, it is possible to solve applications, even in demanding environments where water, dirt, temperature fluctuations or high temperatures occur. 

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Rollco delivers a unique solution to project for facade replacement

Facade replacement

With a specially adapted C-Rail and slider, Rollco managed to help a customer with a unique project. The goal was to conduct a facade replacement on one of Sweden's tallest buildings from the outside, without having to enter the apartments. Daniel Stifors talks about how, through close collaboration with the contractor, they managed to come up with a perfect solution for their needs.

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Order our C-Rail sample kit

C-rail kit

Order our demo kit with rail and slider with rollers and see how C-Rail looks and works. The C-Rail is a relatively simple product, which can solve advanced applications and is also a cost-effective solution. The system is available in both stainless and galvanized steel, which makes it well suited for some demanding environments.

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